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"The core of my work has been performing and creating dance works at various scales for the past 20 years…

Since my early days of touring I had interest in photography which quickly became a passion and a parallel activity to my dance related work or travels.

I began shooting with film and in 2004 migrated slowly to digital and in the last couple of years my photography work has started to take on new heights, 2017 has proved promising with a feature on Fujifilm's Official Blog Site and and important exhibition commissioned by Kings Cross, so far this year I have spent just as much time working behind the lens shooting as performing or creating dance work.

I love to compose frames with movement against architecture or landscapes, or creating a situation and direct the scene to shoot, this is when I can immortalise the moment controlling every aspects of the picture…

Being a choreographer really helps shaping angles and communicating to the subject. I also see movement in our surrounding, I love catching reflections from puddles with passers by in them or a mirror image of a cyclist…















I am open to all sort of collaborations and work requests, from weddings, shooting dance portfolio, portraits, site specifics etc... or I can design a concept for you. 

Please use my contact details below to get in touch! I look forward to be working with you ! Marso

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