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Year 2021, June : Over the last 12 months, we have learned so much about the compromises and measures brought upon us in order to stay safe and protect others. The word “Coven” stands for a ritualistic gathering of like-minded people seeking for healing or empowerment. The fact that we can finally gather and celebrate our dance and voices feels almost impalpable at times, surreal, spellbound, perhaps even close to a miracle for some... And so, metaphorically, Coven is about our super dance powers coming together; a true relief, shaking the ground, breathing and celebrating this unique moment with the dancers I have worked with and taught this entire year. They are beautiful, diverse, quirky, and extremely talented. Together, we grew and gathered strength. This work is a tribute to them and the people I have lost while being away from home, and to my daughter whom I have not seen for almost a year. Coven — an imaginary sanctuary which gives us a sense of unity and bonds us together as one.


Coven by Mickael Marso Riviere

Creation 2021 in Hong kong on 3rd and 4th BFA students , commissioned by Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts and premiered at the Lyric Theatre HKAPA.

This Film project was created alongside the live performance and premiered in June 2022 at SWEAT, Hong Kong.

Music : Domenico Angarano

Acknowledgement 鳴謝
The dance videography of Coven+ is supported by the Screen Production and Research Centre, School of Film and Television (SPaRC), HKAPA. 《Coven+》舞蹈錄像由香港演藝學院影視研究中心支持。

Campus Development Office 校園發展處
School of Theatre and Entertainment Art 舞台及製作藝術學院




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