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This new work emerged in June 2023 as a research period followed by a creation process leading to a premiere of the work on October 7th 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Kaja Lin Jagodič Avguštin together with Mickael Marso Riviére explore the process of modern migrations, diverse spectres of internal impulses that trigger displacement and the effects it has on personal growth, on relationships and on identity. The orbit is a track of circular motion, an elliptical but never-ending repeating motion. An object of lesser mass orbits around an object of greater mass because it cannot resist the force of its gravity.

An orbit is a cycle. An orbit is a routine.

Movement meets its beginning sooner or later.

Is there a new orbit in which there are no traces of old orbits or beginnings? How much weight can a single person carry and how much can they carry into a new orbit? Perhaps even a whole room, or the weight of another emotionally broken body? Does a body become heavier if it also takes its backpack along?

What will it take to break or fall out the orbit?

Choreography / Concepts: Kaja Lin Jagodič Avguštin and Mickael Marso Riviere
Dramaturgy : Natalia Manojlović
Music : Domenico Angarano
Lighting Design: Léon Curk
Light Shades Designer:  @jugo.sik

Images by: Anka Simoncic and Drago Videmsek
Produced and commissioned by Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Currently taking bookings for touring, please enquire within: contact

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