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T-Break is an outdoor 20-minute Hip Hop Theatre promenade, site-specific dance performance for adult and family audiences featuring live music, currently available for touring 2023-2024

In T-Break, two worlds collide: four Bboys (breakdancers) are called by the beat of the Tabla.

From different corners, they work and weave and stop and start travelling through [location] and meeting in a central celebration of the vision and energy of the city.

The show is a playful, humorous and dynamic celebration of cultural diversity.

It features a collaboration between award-winning choreographer, Mickael ‘Marso’ Riviere, three Bboys from renowned breakin collective Mad Dope Kru (MDK) and one of the UK’s leading Tabla players, Mendi Singh.

Expect a beautiful culture clash.

T-Break Performance Trailer

T-Break Performance Trailer

"the fun and furious T-Break by Mickael Marso Riviere" - Will Frampton


T-Break PH: Martina Murphy

Key selling points:

Playful, energising and family friendly show; adaptable site-specific work; choreography by key innovator in UK experimental streetdance and contemporary dance styles; award winning choreographer; dancers from renowned Birmingham based breakin collective, Mad Dope Kru; live music by leading UK tabla maestro, Mendi Singh; new audience development opportunities.

Types of audiences: 

Incidental public audiences; world music fans; adult theatre goers; young adults interested in dance; theatre and performance art students; dance and theatre goers

Marketing materials: Hi resolution images, trailers, interviews, press reviews and logos all available.

Copy and programme note information also available.




An extensive package of audience engagement activities allow audience members to experience and gain an insight into the choreographic approaches to making the work. Packages can be tailored depending on the experience levels of the identified groups.

Creative Labs 

A package of events for more experienced dancers and performers are available to explore the space between streetdance and contemporary dance styles.

For a Tour Pack and more information on the show please email us

T-Break - PH: ©Fecilia Juliana


Concept and Direction Mickael ‘Marso’ Riviere
Choreography Mickael ‘Marso’ Riviere and Dancers
Dancers from Mad Dope Kru Andrei ‘Cool A’ Roman, Jamaal ‘El Diablo’ O’Driscoll, Nehemiah ‘NeneTaps’ Smith, ‘Marso’ Riviere
Musician Mohinder Mendi Singh
Assistant Director Becky Namgauds
Costume Supervisor Frances Morris
Producer Vasanthi Argouin

T-Break has been commissioned and co-produced by DanceXchange for BIDF.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

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