Image by Vladimir Gruev

KRE8! is an event curated by Marso, created and hosted as part of B-Side Hip Hop Festival since 2016.


It is a 2vs2 Bonnie and Clyde (mixed gender e.g. Male and/or Female and/or Trans identified gender) dance battle contest set as a Live Lab and open to any style under the street dance umbrella and beyond, open to all ages, live music is a crucial part of the event as well as a DJ warming up the audience and filling in intervals.

From small origins, it has now grown to an international scale with guest dancers from UK and abroad invited to compete.

We presented the event in October 2018 at The Place (London) and we are now seeking like-minded partners to host a small KRE8! tour up north and other UK regions. N.B. The London event was also an open qualifier for a major event in France taking place in April 2019, so we're also at the beginning stages of connecting with other international programmes.

KRE8! will kick off again at B-Side at Birmingham Hippodrome May 2020 celebrating 5 years in the making! And we’re looking at tour dates pre & post the festival.

During B-Side Festival, KRE8! is normally tied up with a one week intensive laboratory ('LAB') for young creators wishing to expand their skill set for making dance and Hip Hop theatre work. The LAB runs Monday to Friday ending with KRE8! on the Saturday which offers a platform to showcase potential scratched works from the LAB.

The LAB is aimed at bridging Hip Hop and Contemporary dance, or for those wishing to work within those two genres, exploring improvisation, choreographic and movement tools which supports the idea of creating hybrid/collaborative works.

We’ve also realised that the LAB is a great way to prepare for the KRE8! battle allowing dancers to meet new faces and practice their improvisation skills.