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Depending on the nature of the project, various models of teaching are available. When teaching as a company, we share an extensive experience of working within education and community settings and pride ourselves on the diverse and innovative dance work created with hundreds of people, young and old, throughout each and every year in the UK and internationally.

Many of our existing sessions are delivered in term time, after school, and school holidays and involve working towards specific learning aims and objectives, work that supports curriculum requirements.  

Regular classes can be a fantastic asset to support your work or curriculum and suit your venue or organisation in its dance development.


Marso is known for his unique style of movement and deliver performance, education, and residency work across the dance sector both in the UK and abroad. 

Based on an experimental and physiological approach to flow and travel, his signature style of work often evolves and is inspired from Martial arts, Breakin, Popping, Contemporary Release, Spirals, Yoga and various movement concepts....

"At the heart of my work is education and community. I believe that everyone regardless of age or ability should have access to high quality dance opportunities."

Past & present relationships with organisations:

Dancexchange, TripSpace, Birmingham Hippodrome, BRB, Centres of Advance Training, Dance4, The Place London, Yorkshire Dance, Addict Dance Academy Leicester, Breakin Convention, Rambert School, Wolverhampton University, La Caldera, Barcelona Centre Civic, Sadlers Wells, CCN Creteils Paris, Adage Bordeaux FR. to name a few. 

Styles offered: Mixed movement concepts, Breakin', Streetdance (Popping, Locking, Choreography, Hip Hop), Contemporary Dance.

If you would like to discuss Company Decalage/Marso being a regular fixture on your weekly timetable, or for a ‘stand alone’ workshop, please contact us.


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