Phantom Limbs Project

2019 R&D project lead by Marso Riviere, exploring Phantom Limbs syndrome and mass consumption stimuli. Creation to begin in 2020 to create a 60min live performance tour for 2020/2021 - Follow the project : #phantomlimbsMR

The first phase of R&D of Phantom Limbs (working title) began in July 2019 at The Place as part of Choreodrome and, as part of the research process, we have been holding informal studio and public sharings. We've also had an incredible week at Wellcome Collection, Marso was able to investigate deeper into the work with the support of Valerie Brown at The Reading Room.

From November to December 2019 further research will take place as part of Fabrique at National Theatre de Chaillot.


Phantom Limbs is a new collaborative project with disabled and non-disabled artists exploring the condition of Phantom Limbs and therapies associated with it. Rooted in hip-hop and contemporary dance movement, the piece will explore and challenge the limits of physicality, the use of set/props and visuals. Stimuli drawn from mirror therapy and a collection of real life stories from the artists have been collected to shape a narrative for the work. This R&D is supported by The Place (Choreodrome 2019), Wellcome Collection, DanceXchange, Birmingham Hippodrome and the Theatre National de Chaillot through a UK/France exchange programme. 

A work-in-progress of Phantom Limbs will also be shown as part of Touch Wood on Wednesday 4 September 2019

We would love for you to join us for this too if you are able to, this sharing will be the piece in its very first stages and we will be welcoming feedback at the end of the evening.

Choreographer/Visual/Direction: Mickael Marso Rivière  

Collaborators/dance artists : 

Kathleen Hawkins, Becky Namgauds, Hannah Finn, Bboy Redo, Mugi the Kid, Julie Magneville, Vehbi Can

Composer: Domenico Angarano 

Producer:  Vasanthi Argouin 

Additional images / design consultant : Corentin Riviere , Vincent Leroy

Mentor: Louise Wildish


Commissioned by The Place  and The Wellcome Collection  

Supported by Arts Council England , DanceXchange, Birmingham Hippodrome and Theatre National De Chaillot